“IL CONTE“ pasta, like that cooked by an Italian!
It is for those who do not know how to prepare pasta with the correct timing, and the special touch that distinguishes the art of the Italian cooking.

“IL CONTE” wants everyone to be able to prepare a pasta dish with guaranteed quality, taste and fragrance.

Only the highest quality of pasta is used :

The pasta is cooked in a special process, which enhances the flavor and the sensorial experience. It is already salted and it comes in a single portion 150 gr. tray and a family pack of 450 gr.. Our pasta has a shelf life of 80 days at 4 ° in your fridge. “IL CONTE” pasta is packaged without the condiments to allow the consumer the opportunity to be able to choose which type he wants or your own.

Just ½ glass of water, heat the pan and add the pasta.

It is ready in just one minute, then add the sauce or seasoning, and after just one more minute you have a plate of pasta worthy of the best restaurant. Guaranteed! One pan, two minutes, and you have a pasta dish. Even the best chefs could not tell the difference between “ IL CONTE” and pasta cooked traditionally.

and finally…
A range of traditional Italian sauces, as they are cooked in Italy, and other types of regional condiments that you have always loved…


Fresh tomato and Basil

Tomato, Gaeta olives and sicilian capers

Cream and salmon

Egg with cream and pancetta

Pecorino and pepper

Beef ragu and parmigiano

Basil, garlic, pinoli

Season vegetable from the Union Square Farmers Market